July 28, 2017, 1:32

Undocumented Immigrant Arrested on Suspicion of Infecting Girlfriend With HIV

Undocumented Immigrant Arrested on Suspicion of Infecting Girlfriend With HIV

An undocumented immigrant from Guinea traveling on forged papers has been arrested in Israel after allegedly sexually assaulting his Israeli girlfriend and infecting her with HIV.

A man suspected of forgery for profit has been arrested in Israel on suspicion of infecting a woman purported to be his girlfriend with HIV, a virus that can, under certain conditions, lead to acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS).

Police in the town of Rishon Lezion in central Israel also charged the 24-year-old Guinean citizen with several counts of identity forgery and document theft after it was found that he was charging fees to create fake Israeli work visas for other foreign nationals.

The suspect, who has yet to be identified, is thought to be in Israel without papers and, due to the serious nature of his crimes, may be liable for deportation.

Following the suspect’s Monday arrest for suspicion of impersonation and forgery, the Rishon Lezion magistrate’s court on Tuesday extended the Guinean migrant’s custody by an additional six days, after it was found that he had raped the Israeli woman and infected her with the disease.

Charges against the suspect include impersonating another individual, forgery, committing an act that could spread disease and being in Israel illegally, according to the Jerusalem Post.

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